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It Just Tastes Better.

A Flavour Unmatched

At Souvla Braai, we firmly believe in the essence of authentic flavour, and that’s why we stand by the conviction that wood fire imparts a taste unparalleled by gas. Our commitment to providing a genuine and rich grilling experience is rooted in the belief that the natural, smoky aroma produced by a wood fire enhances the taste of your culinary creations.

Traditional Greek lamb recipe made with a souvla braai
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Auto rotation on a Souvla Braai ensures even cooking by constantly turning food, preventing uneven heat distribution. This feature guarantees perfectly grilled results, enhancing flavour and reducing the risk of overcooking or burning.
Why we use coals
Using coals for your Souvla Braai offers a distinct flavour profile and even, consistent heat. The smoky essence imparted by burning coals enhances the taste of grilled food, creating a unique and savoury experience.
Various Cooking Methods
Utilising the various cooking methods that a Souvla Braai offers imparts diverse flavours and textures to the food. This multi-dimensional approach enhances the overall taste, creating a more nuanced and satisfying culinary experience.

(Greek: Σούβλα)

A popular dish from Cyprus. It consists of large pieces of auto-rotating meat cooked on a long skewer over a charcoal barbecue.

Souvla is a term commonly used to describe cubed pieces of Lamb approximately 50mm x 50mm spiced with salt and pepper. The meat auto-rotates until golden brown and juicy. It is then usually topped off with oregano and lemon. These days, Souvla is loosely used to describe any form of ‘self-cooked’ meat; be it chicken, lamb, beef, or pork.

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(South Africa)

A barbecue (grill), especially an open outdoor grill built specifically for the purpose of cooking food. A social meeting, including the braaing of meat; a cookout.
A truly South African word. Ask South African expats what they miss the most, and they’ll tell you – a braai. South Africans use the term to not only describe the cooking method, but also to describe an outdoor social gathering with friends and family

Passion for the outdoors

Welcome to our world, where the love for the outdoors meets a passion for design, engineering, and the art of cooking. Born out of a shared enthusiasm for the South African way of life, we have evolved into the leading braai manufacturer in the country. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient braai. That’s precisely what drives us to create the best braais in the market.

Expert quality

At the heart of our brand is a commitment to innovation and quality. Our team of dedicated engineers and designers work tirelessly to bring you a range of braais that meet and exceed the expectations of outdoor cooking aficionados. The result is a collection of meticulously crafted products that cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring there’s a perfect match for everyone.

Uniting people, worldwide

Central to our success is the strong community we’ve cultivated. We share the same love for the braai culture that unites South Africans, and it’s this sense of community that fuels our continuous growth. We understand that a braai is more than just a cooking method; it’s a social event, a gathering of friends and family, and a celebration of the rich South African heritage.

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Hassle-Free Cooking

Our product range reflects our commitment to diversity, catering to the needs of all outdoor enthusiasts. From the compact and automated Ultra Mini, ideal for solo adventures, to the Spit Pro, our largest braai that can feed over 45 people – we have a braai for every occasion. The automated braai technology in our lineup showcases dedication to convenience, ensuring enjoyable, hassle-free outdoor cooking.

Join The Community

As we continue to grow, we invite you to join our community of outdoor enthusiasts who share a love for South Africa, braais, and the joy of gathering around a fire. Explore our range, discover the perfect braai for your needs, and become a part of the movement that is redefining outdoor cooking in South Africa.