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Our braais

Ignite your fire

At Souvla Braai, we invite you to embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Our innovative, battery-powered braai seamlessly blends the rich traditions of Greek/Cypriot and South African cooking, introducing a unique outdoor grilling experience that’s automated, portable, and proudly designed in the heart of South Africa. Perfect for the beach, outdoors, campsites and your home. 


From Flame to Feast.

Rotating Souvla Braai fire ball for anywhere and everywhere


Automation Unleashed

Elevate your grilling game with our automated braai mechanism – ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision.


Tailored Cooking Precision

Adjust your cooking height to achieve the perfect temperature for your culinary creations. From intense heat for that ideal sear, to slow-cooked perfection, it’s all at your fingertips.


Portability Redefined

Take the flavor on the road! Our portable design allows you to enjoy the Souvla Braai experience wherever your journey takes you – from your home backyard to the great outdoors.


Battery-Powered Brilliance

No cords, no limits. Experience the freedom of battery-powered grilling, allowing you to savor the moment without being tethered to a power source.

Our accessories

Explore Souvla Braai.

Interact with the 3D Model below to see what makes a Souvla Braai a Souvla Braai.

Everyone's Invited.

Souvla Braai isn’t just a product; it’s a celebration of culture, innovation, and the joy of outdoor cooking. Crafted with passion and precision, our braai is more than a grill; it’s a statement of culinary excellence.


Join the revolution and discover why Souvla Braai is the preferred choice for those who seek more from their grilling experience.

What our community says

Steffenie Kruger
3 months ago
What a great buy. The day we unpacked it we had to test it. Did a chicken flattie on the rotating grill. 4 days later we invited the whole family for a Souvla braai. This will be the only way we braai from now on. Bought the cover, rotating grill and wall rack as well. Go big or go home. The quality is excellent. Convenience is the best. If I could give more stars I would. Thank you Souvla!!!
Joanne du Toit
3 weeks ago
I have had a Souvla Braai for over a year and if anything we use it more and more often. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. In short, it's awesome! It’s solidly built- but not too heavy to move around. We use the small skewers for chicken pieces/vegetables and the large ones for large deboned lamb or beef. The cooking process couldn’t be easier it’s really perfect for entertaining. In my mind the Souvla Braai is a must-have. Totally recommend!
Tyrone Simpson
2 months ago
A Sizzling Experience at Souvla Braai From the moment the scent of grilling meat hit my senses, I knew Souvla Braai was something special. The mastery over the coals and the sizzle of perfectly marinated meats rotating on the skewers were a prelude to the culinary delight that awaited. Each bite was succulent, with the rich flavors of tradition and the unmistakable char of expert grilling. The atmosphere is unpretentious, allowing the food to take center stage, while the service is friendly, making you feel like part of the family. For anyone seeking an authentic braai experience that tantalizes the taste buds and warms the soul, look no further. Souvla Braai truly delivers a five-star experience.
Corne Fourie
3 months ago
Best investment ever. Good quality and excellent craftsmanship. Their communication and service always keeps you up to date on your order. Even works better than my Weber
Peet Kemp
a month ago
I recently bought a Souvla Marine braai. The quality and build surpassed my expectations. Im sure this will last a lifetime. Not a lot of companies goes the exstra mile today.. Jolene from Souvla braai helped with my queries, and solved my problem in no time. I will support and buy from them without a doubt. Thank you for great service and a awesome product. Peet

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