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Sticky Chicken Wings

Feeds 3 – 4

When it comes to Souvla, sometimes less is more

This super simple sticky chicken wings recipe will leave your friends in absolute awe of your Souvla Braai.

Accessories needed:

• Large Souvla Skewers


• 24 Chicken Wings (Preferably nice and meaty)
• 6 Guns Spice
• 3 Squeezes Lemon Juice
• 1 Cup of Spur’s Grill Basting
• 1⁄2 Cup Mrs Balls Original Chutney
• 1⁄2 Cup Jimmy’s Steakhouse Sauce


Now that you have your ingredients ready, prepare a fire and make sure everyone is hungry!

Step 1: Spice all the wings thoroughly using Six Guns’ original spice.

Step 2: Add 3 squeezes of lemon juice to the wings and mix them all around.

Step 3: Add the remaining 3 sauces and distribute them evenly.

Step 4: Marinade for 24 hours if possible.

Step 5: Start your fire and skewer the chicken wings onto your large Souvla skewers.

Step 6: With your braai on its highest settings, insert the skewers and turn on your battery-operated motor.

Step 7: Once the wings are 80% cooked, drop the skewers down to their lowest level and allow the marinade to slightly burn, creating perfect crispy and sticky chicken wings.